TIME Thurgood Marshall
Time Thurgood Marshall: The Visionary
As an accomplished civil rights lawyer, then serving as the first African-American justice on the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall changed the face and course of justice in America, becoming an inspirational figure for millions. From his early days at Howard University, to his 25-year association with the NAACP and the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education, he championed and triumphed in dozens of cases on civil liberties, affirmative action, the rights of the accused and the death penalty. As a Supreme Court justice, his interpretation of the Constitution led to fairer treatment for the disadvantaged in a world where judges, police and legislatures could not be counted on to use their power fairly, and he became a voice for the voiceless. Now, in a new special edition from TIME, Thurgood Marshall: The Visionary, his life and legacy are examined through thoughtful essays and historic photographs. This edition traces his upbringing in Baltimore, his years in college and law school, his work with the NAACP, his relationship with President Lyndon Johnson, and more. Chapters outline the major cases that came before the court during his tenure, and “In Their Own Words” brings together thoughtful remembrances from those who knew and worked alongside him, including Vernon Jordon, Juan Williams and Constance Baker Motley. Firmly placing Marshall in the context of his time and examining how his social and legal legacy lives on to this day, Thurgood Marshall is a thoughtful portrait of a great American.

Book specs:
· Dimensions: 8"x10-7/8”
· Softcover
· Number of pages: 96

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