TIME The Animal Mind
They work with us, they play with us . . . but what do they think of us?

We count them among our best friends, our most loyal companions, our servants, yet do we know what is going on inside their minds? Discover the rich and complicated inner lives of dogs and cats and horses, as well as whales, elephants, parrots, and dozens of other animals—even insects—with this thought-provoking special edition, filled with dozens of photographs and essays.From dogs that seem to read our emotions, to cats that linger by the bedside of the dying, and apes that use sign language to express their thoughts, TIME The Animal Mind explores the brains of creatures great and small. The latest research and scientific evidence is here, along with a discussion of animal rights. How do dog packs work? Do animals laugh? Do they talk? Do they mourn? Do they have friends? Every animal lover will be amazed and intrigued by this insightful journey into the animal mind.

Book specs:
• Dimensions: 8"x10-7/8”
• Softcover
• Number of pages: 96

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