TIME-LIFE World War II: Dunkirk
Discover the heroes who saved 340,000 lives
The Battle of Dunkirk has come to represent heroic perseverance in the face of adversity. By May 1940, Hitler's Nazi army had pushed the Allies into a corner of France, almost to the sea. The Germans thought the English had no choice but to surrender . . . but they were wrong. "We shall fight on the beaches," said Winston Churchill, Britain's new prime minister, and fight they did. Surrounded by German ground forces and bombarded by Nazi warplanes, some 340,000 British and French troops were rescued—in the face of incredible odds—by a makeshift flotilla of military and civilian ships. Photographs from the archives of TIME and LIFE magazines, combined with compelling text, put the mission in historic context and show how this massive operation unfolded. Discover true heroism in Time-Life World War II: Dunkirk, a remarkable collector's keepsake.

Book specs:
· Dimensions: 8"x10-7/8”
· Softcover
· Number of pages: 96

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