TIME Beautiful Phenomena
Eclipses, rainbows, volcanoes and nature’s many other wonders, explored and revealed. Powerful and dramatic, the natural wonders of our earth dazzled our ancient ancestors—and continue to inspire awe in us today. Now the editors of TIME capture these amazing sights and occurrences in an all-new special edition. Beautiful Phenomena pairs stunning photographs with clear, authoritative text that explains the how, what, why and when of nature’s wonders, including eclipses, rainbows, lightning, supermoons, auroras and so much more. Learn about the scientific breakthroughs that came from observing solar eclipses and other natural phenomena over the centuries, and discover the latest theories about them that are emerging today. In space, in the oceans, on land, these natural wonders hold the keys to our understanding of the world around us. Unlock their mysteries with TIME Beautiful Phenomena.

Book specs:
· Dimensions: 8"x-10-7/8”
· Softcover
· Number of pages: 96

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