TIME Albert Einstein
TIME invites readers to explore the fascinating life and mind of Albert Einstein. This richly illustrated biography follows Einstein from his beginnings as a solid but unremarkable student who becomes an obscure technical expert in the Swiss patent office. From that unlikely perch, the youthful Einstein would utterly change our view of the universe. Einstein gave more to the world, including a completely new view of gravity that overturned settled notions of science, going back to Sir Isaac Newton. His revolution in theoretical physics, combined with his warm and funny personal manner, captured the imagination of the world. Yet even as his genius was confirmed, he would be forced by the rise of Nazism to flee Germany for the U.S. Today, scientists continue to work through the full implications of Einstein’s immense discoveries. This is his moving and inspiring story and includes:

• His first wife and their mysterious family life…
• The magical year: the creative rush that won him a Nobel Prize, and changed the world
• Sorry Newton! How Einstein upended centuries-old beliefs in physics

Book specs:
· Dimensions: 8"x10-7/8”
· Softcover
· Number of pages: 96

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