LIFE Inside the World of Spies
The truth about espionage goes much deeper than the Bond types that fill our big screen. Mary Queen of Scots, the Man in the Iron Mask, Mata Hari, the Enigma machine, the CIA, Watergate, and WikiLeaks: Spies and spying have rewritten human history and now affect how we all live. With sections on codes and cryptography, moles and double agents, wiretapping, detectives, and even the age-old art of seduction, this fascinating book reveals the true stories of the bold spies who—whether motivated by patriotism, greed, or a love of adventure—risked everything. Rare and remarkable photos from the archives of LIFE magazine, plus illuminating text, make this a compelling read for anyone with an interest in the practiced—and powerful—art of deception.

Book specs:
· Dimensions: 8"x10-7/8”
· Softcover
· Number of pages: 96

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